Our premise is simple: we work to deliver the exceptional, every day.


这是我们对客户日复一日的承诺. It guides 我们的同事 so that they know what to expect of each other. 简而言之,这让Mitie努力做到最好.

我们是值得信赖的合作伙伴, 用我们的专业知识, care, technology and insight to create amazing work environments for our customers and their clients. 我们捍卫我们的多样性. 为了完成工作,我们总是付出额外的努力. 诚信和信任驱动着我们所做的一切.




长期澳博官方网站 里程碑庆祝


人们使用 在当前 英国退休 65岁


减少 员工流失率 最后2年


人们获得了Mitie stars奖


减少 意思是奖金 工资差距


减少 事故中 在 工作场所 在过去 2年


总储蓄 我们的同事 在MiDeals



我们的专业知识, care, 技术和洞察力创造了令人惊叹的工作环境, 帮助我们的客户每一天都与众不同.

A trusted partner creating exceptional environments for your customers and people, 每天增加价值.

A place to work where you can thrive and be your best every day.


  • 我们是一个澳博官方网站人
  • 我们建立在诚信和信任的基础上
  • 我们多走一英里
  • 我们的多样性使我们更强大
  • 我们客户的业务,就是我们自己的业务

We believe our diverse workforce makes us stronger, introducing us to fresh ways of thinking. We also believe everyone should have the opportunity to progress.

Our colleague networks offer members a safe and confidential space to discuss issues affecting them, help improve our policies and procedures and keep in touch with external policy 发展s.

我们的每一个专门小组-年龄, 性别平等, 残疾和BAME和LGBTQ+同事, among others – is sponsored by a senior leader who advocates for diversity and 包容 and promotes the agenda across the Group.

We are proud to be recognised as number 6 on the UK Top 50 inclusive companies list.

As at 5th April 2020, the median 工资差距 for 澳博官方网站 was 6.4% (4.6% the previous year) which compares favourably with the UK national median 工资差距 of 15.5%. 我们的平均性别收入差距也减少到7.7%(相对于10.前一年4%).

In December 2020 Mitie acquired Interserve Facilities Management Ltd so our 2020 report also includes gender pay data 为 legal entities within Interserve (ISV) with over 250 colleagues. ISV的平均性别薪酬差距已降至17%(之前为18.前一年为3%),而薪酬中位数差距则降至12.5%(相对于13.前一年9%).

这是朝着正确方向迈出的积极一步, we are not complacent and are committed to continuing our efforts to further reduce the gap by focusing on programmes that can really make a difference.

Our efforts over the past 12 months continue to centre around four areas. 这些都是我们长期发展的一部分, sustainable approach focused on improving the representation of women, 以及所有未被充分代表的群体, 跨越所有组织层次. 它们如下:

  1. 领导:Enabling more women into leadership positions through targeted 发展 interventions for female talent;
  2. 资源分配:Ensuring our resourcing is fully inclusive and we are hiring from a diverse talent pool;
  3. 职业发展:Taking action that supports the career progression of underrepresented groups; and
  4. 奖励 & 识别:提供强大的、吸引人的、多样的奖励 & recognition proposition that rewards the right behaviour and celebrates 包容.

More information is provided in our 2020 性别工资差距 Report >

我们的人民每天都在传递着非凡的东西. 这就是为什么我们优先对他们的辛勤工作说声谢谢.

我们的年度奖励计划, Mitie明星, is dedicated to recognising the teams and individuals that go above and beyond for customers or colleagues.

We want our people to feel valued – and we understand the role that wages play in that.

All colleagues based at Mitie offices receive the real 生活工资 and we are working towards becoming a Recognised Service Provider with the 生活工资 Foundation by 2020.

We have over 570 apprentices working across our portfolio of contracts.

在上一个财政年度, we paid £5m into the Apprenticeship Levy scheme and we are now partnering with specialist providers to ensure we deliver the highest quality learning that meets the needs of both the individual and the business.

In January 2019, we launched our year-long sales apprenticeship scheme, the Mitie销售学院. We trained 12 recruits and helped them achieve a Level Four sales certification from the Association of Professional Sales (APS). 这个新项目, which lays the groundwork for future professional apprenticeship programmes, 多亏了学徒税基金.

In 2018, we launched ‘学习中心’, our dedicated learning platform for colleagues. It contains an extensive library of titles from Active Listening to Writing Reports and covers a wide range of topics from Business Skills to Wellbeing at Work. With videos, audio, games and quizzes available, the content caters different learning preferences.

我爱这里的人. My manager and my team make me want to put 在 extra effort to get the job done. 我喜欢在这里工作,这对我来说非常重要.


每一天都是不同的,都是需要克服的挑战. I like to think we are proactive in our approach rather than reactive…and ask the hard questions when needed.


Mitie gave me confidence to work in different roles and helped me when I really needed it.


My manager is really approachable and has helped me learn new skills. I love working for Mitie and in my 20 years of working full time I can easily say that this is the best company I have worked for.





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