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We believe in an energy efficient, sustainable and healthy working environment for everyone, every day. Through our smart thinking, impartial advice and proven delivery, 我们优化能源性能,为客户提供显著的碳减排目标.

Plan Zero Solutions

Carbon reduction is no longer an option. Tightening regulations, essential ESG compliance and the obligation we all have to protect our environment, means practical, cost-effective solutions are vital. This is Plan Zero.

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Is your business making a green recovery?

As businesses prepare to return to the workplace, employee & customer safety, alongside cost control will be primary concerns. However, rising energy costs, 供应的确定性和消费的增加将迅速影响您在covid - 19后的恢复.

当被纳入公司战略时,由Mitie的“零计划”(Plan Zero)推动的绿色复苏将带来成本和碳节约,并确保您拥有一个更加环保可持续的业务,为未来的成功奠定基础.

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COVID-19: Reducing the cost of empty buildings

While occupancy levels have significantly dropped as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, our data shows that buildings are still consuming the same amount of energy.

There are significant opportunities to reduce and optimise sites, immediately reducing carbon output and saving money.


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Our Services

Thanks to our end-to-end capabilities, we can advise, implement, 提供和管理从独立的能源澳博官方网站到完全外包的能源管理解决方案.

我们的框架涵盖了你需要获取和减少你的能源消耗和碳影响的一切. And the greater the integration of your energy services, the higher your savings.


average energy and utilities savings


of validated energy bills over 12 months


saved through utilities optimisation over 12 months


of energy exposure handled by our risk management team over 12 months

Our Simple Framework

We have designed a simple framework to meet your organisation’s end-to-end energy, carbon and sustainability needs.

We ensure that you are buying your utilities at the right price, at the right time, aligned to your business and risk profile, and whether you want renewables or not. We do this through three key services:

Procurement: 我们的特许采购与供应协会(CIPS)训练有素的采购团队,专门从事公用事业合同的谈判和招标. These include fixed and flexible agreements, as well as renewable, private wire electricity supply and corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

Risk Management: 我们的金融市场行为监管局(Financial Conduct authority)认证的风险经理团队实时跟踪市场发展, 专注于发现和理解来自批发市场或政策和监管变化的任何潜在威胁. 我们与我们的客户一起开发量身定制的公用事业风险管理策略,以保护他们免受这些波动的影响, managing over £1.6 billion of their energy exposure.

Bill validation: Our bill validation service consolidates utility data across your portfolio. This provides full invoice validation, processing, query management and reporting of your gas, electricity and water invoices. 我们的可持续发展专家也可以使用这些数据来确定可以节约的领域,并帮助您完成强制性报告.

我们帮助您制定减少公用事业的战略计划,并通过我们的建筑优化澳博官方网站或资本项目来寻找降低能耗的机会. We do this through four key services:

Utilities optimisation我们的团队由经验丰富的专业工程师和能源经理组成,采用持续改进的方法, data-driven approach combining our capability across energy management, building management systems, remote building analytics, 测量、验证和设施管理,提供定制的公用事业优化方案. 这些举措开启了持续的储蓄和工作环境改善,有助于提高底线利润,实现企业的环境和可持续发展目标.

Building Management Systems and controls:楼宇的能源消耗有60-80%是由楼宇管理系统管理的, as well as the performance of key building services such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. It is therefore vital to ensure that this system is maintained for best performance. 我们的楼宇管理系统团队提供持续的支援澳博官方网站,定期进行维修视察,以确保系统的持续效率和降低成本. And as we deliver over 170 of these projects each year, you can be assured that your needs will be supported by a highly experienced team.

Energy projects: As well as advising you on your energy, utility and sustainability needs, we can also implement those recommendations, providing you with end-to-end service delivery. 我们的能源项目团队提供广泛的澳博官方网站,从最初的调查, proposals, business case support, solution sourcing, project management and delivery of works. To complement these core solutions, we also offer remedial compliance works and a range of closed system services.

Metering行业估计表明,通过采用强有力的计量策略和能源管理计划,可以节省5-30%的能源. To help you capitalise upon these potential savings, 我们提供全面的独立计量和财政计量澳博官方网站. 这包括一个完整的调查和设计澳博官方网站,以发展您的定制计量策略. Installing meters is only the first part.

我们帮助客户遵守环境法规,并在他们的工作环境中解决员工的福利问题. We do this through two key services:

Environmental compliance: As one of the largest low carbon consultancies in the UK, our in-house team can help you with your environmental compliance, improve your energy efficiency, reduce green-house gas emissions and save you money. We work with large, global organisations, and last year undertook over 3000 audits for over 200 clients. From a single office to a large multi-site estate, our team can undertake audits, provide recommendations, analyse and audit data, and ensure compliance with energy and sustainability standards.

Wellbeing我们了解到贵公司不断面临挑战,需要为员工的工作空间提供更多的福利. 我们经验丰富的跨学科团队可以为您提供设计和管理方面的建议,以确保您的员工获得最佳的健康和福祉. We do this by drawing upon the latest technology, academic research and behavioural change theories to help you define, embed and realise a successful holistic wellbeing strategy for your organisation.

Built upon the discrete services that sit within our Buy>Reduce>Comply framework, we can optimise the performance of your estate and reduce your carbon impact.

Energy as a service: 我们的能源澳博官方网站解决方案结合了金融市场行为监管局认可的采购和风险管理专业知识, with our award-winning energy management team’s experience. We generate insights from often unconnected data, helping identify otherwise hidden opportunities to maximise efficiency, reduce costs, improve environmental performance and enhance environment-related wellbeing. The resulting energy solution covers the full journey from purchase and utilisation, through to compliance.

Plan Zero as a service: Carbon is an increasing concern. 零计划即澳博官方网站是我们为您的企业开发和提供可持续性和净零碳战略的行之有效的方法. 我们的方法简单而有效,我们自己在实现2025年净零目标方面取得的进展证明了这一点. We will identify your baseline position, and develop a Carbon Management Plan with you, 它将确定具体的机会,以减少您的整个业务的碳.

Optimised Buildings: We optimise buildings and estates through strategic assessments. 结合我们的专家团队的专业知识和来自整个Mitie的技术解决方案,我们可以创建一个全面的融资机会,以提高您的建筑性能.

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Find out how Mitie Energy can unlock independently-verified average savings of 13%, with guaranteed savings of 10% with zero capex investment for your organisation.


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Mitie Energy is ISO50001 accredited.Our team are Chartered Institute of Procurement and supply (CIPS) trained.All our Risk Managers are FCA Approved.我们与领先的制造商合作,是唯一的建筑控制行业协会认证的BMS供应商.

Our M&V team are qualified in International Performance Measurement & Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Our Energy Managers are:Cibse certified.Members of Energy Managers Association.Members of UK Energy Institute.

Other professional qualifications include:BREEAMFitwelInternational WELL Building InstituteLeadership in Energy and Environmental DesignLegionella Control Association


The British Psychological Society

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Pradyumna Pandit

Managing Director, Sustainability and Energy Services

Chris Wildgoose

Head of Energy Business Development

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